How To UPGRADE HP STREAM Hard Drive 11 13 14 11-d 11-p 11-r 13-C 14-Z X360 Pro G3 G2 Touch SSD RAM


How To UPGRADE HP STREAM Hard Drive 11 13 14 11-d 11-p 11-r 13-C 14-Z X360 Pro G3 G2 Touch SSD RAM

Video Channel: RubberWilbur

Video showing you how to remove replace UPGRADE or increase your 32GB eMMC Hard Drive in your HP Stream Laptop (Notebook PC Model 11 13 Compaq 14 etc) X360 Pro G3 G2 in order to have more gigabyte gig storage space or to replace the broken integrated on-board HD. Can you upgrade the RAM Memory on a HP Stream Laptop? No unfortunately the memory is integrated onboard the motherboard and thus not possible. A great article by Kevin Fessler

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