Huawei Mate 20 X 24 Hour Review - Best Big Phone Ever!


Huawei Mate 20 X 24 Hour Review - Best Big Phone Ever!

Video Channel: Frankie Tech

Here is my 24 Hour (or so) review of the Mate 20X, and I can say this with confidence, this is the BEST big phone I have ever tested on Frankie Tech! Hit me up with any questions you have in the comments section, and stay tuned for great content on the Mate 20 X! #Mate20X #HuaweiMate20X

Time codes for the video:
0:52 - Whats inside the box
2:47 - Design
4:10 - Display
4:58 - Size Comparison vs other phones
6:48 - Performance/Geekbench 4 Scores
8:57 - Video playback on Youtube
9:41 - Audio/Speaker Test vs Pixel 3 XL
11:30 - Camera Performance
14:38 - Final Verdict after one day of use

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