I Installed A Big Intercooler On My Turbo Diesel Mercedes So I Cut Open The Old One. What's Inside?


I Installed A Big Intercooler On My Turbo Diesel Mercedes So I Cut Open The Old One. What's Inside?

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The Turbo Diesel Mercedes gets a big front mount intercooler upgrade and looks so good. Larger and more efficient intercoolers increase horsepower and torque by cooling your intake charge. The cooler the air the more oxygen dense it is and with more air comes more power! This is a bar and plate style Universal Intercooler so I had to figure out how to mount it and it turned out great. I also chopped the old one in half to show you what’s inside of an air to air intercooler. And because it was fun.

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Stay tuned for a link to buy the intercooler. I’m getting all the parts put together for a final product and then it will be listed on the Victory Road Performance website. For now, check out their other performance parts for Mercedes and AMG cars.

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