ImmersionRC Rapidfire Do NOT BUY you have been warned! Updated!


ImmersionRC Rapidfire Do NOT BUY you have been warned! Updated!

Video Channel: DumbThumbsFPV

I did the original review of this module from ImmersionRC and had good luck in my first quad tested with it. Of the quads I currently have only 3 seem to be "compatible" with this Rapid Fire module. The rest have blackouts while flying and also the module seems to not like Fatshark's DVRs as well. It's really hit and miss with this product so for $150 I say skip it.
The new firmware for it seems better but it's still hit and miss as well.

This is the list of what may or may not be compatible with this product. as rediculous as that sounds...

This is the facebook page others are complaining about the same issues though I'm sure like many manufactures out there, ImmersionRC is getting rid of posts complaining of the product and it's performance.

This is the RCgroups page where fanboys hang out like rabid guard dogs ready to attack customers that have problems..

RCgroups DesertEagle.

Thanks for tuning in.

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