Installing Victron Battery Monitor BMV-712, DIY Powerwall


Installing Victron Battery Monitor BMV-712, DIY Powerwall

Video Channel: DavidPoz

I'm installing a battery monitor kit into my DIY Powerwall. This kit is made by Victron, model BMV-712. This battery monitor has built-in bluetooth so you can monitor your batteries on your phone. I'm a fan of the Victron equipment because you can use it independent of any other brand equipment you might have. For example, I'm using a reliable inverter. But the Victron battery monitor will still work in my setup.

During this install you see me work through the puzzle of where and how to mount the components so they are out of the way and still work well. I have to make a "load side" bus bar.

This video is part of my on-going series building a DIY Powerwall with used Chevy Volt Batteries.

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