iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 4 - Battle of the Tablets


iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 4 - Battle of the Tablets

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Okay, so here is the corrected version. The pen does come included for the price I mention. Be careful that the store you purchased it doesn't charge you for both the surface and the pen. (There is a model you can get from Microsoft that doesn't include the pen if needed)

Here I compare the iPad Pro and the Surface Pro 4. Both these devices are great, different but great! The Surface Pro 4 does indeed has some features that the iPad has, but is that enough to out way the amazing abilities of the iPad?

The iPad is know for really one thing, how easy it is to operate. That and the fact that it has such amazing accuracy and capability, especially with the Apple Pencil, its amazing.

On the other hand the Surface Pro 4 is a full blown PC. As in you can only have this device. Period. Unfortunately the iPad just can't do that. That being said, are the glitches and hiccups that Window's is known for worth it?

Up to you! Both devices serve a purpose, it all depends on what you are looking for. I hope this video helps!

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