iPod iPad iPhone Won't Boot Up: Endless Bootloop Fix | Get Fixed


iPod iPad iPhone Won't Boot Up: Endless Bootloop Fix | Get Fixed

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What's going on guys? Bendji D here from Get Fixed and today I'll be teaching you ways to fix any Apple device that is stuck in a endless boot loop.

Hold down the home and power button until the IPad, IPhone, or IPod's screen blanks black and swayss the apple logo.
If the issue persist, try setting your device in DFU mode by turning the device off, plug it into your PC, and quickly hold the home button before the apple logo swayss up. Continue holding the home button until it says "Connect to Itunes"

Step 1. If you already have your data backed up to ITunes or if you don't mind loosing your data, follow these steps.

Step 1. Make sure the device is powered of completely.

Step 2. Connect the device to your computer.

Step 3. hold the power and home button at the same time and keep holding it until the Apple logo lights up.

Step 4. Once the Apple logo goes away it will seem like the device is turned off. Once you see that immediately let go of the power button while still holding the home button.

Step 5. After about seven seconds of holding the home button, your computer will tell you "ITunes has detected your device is in recovery mode" even though the screen on your IPhone, IPad, IPod is dark.

Step 6. Hit ok on your computer then click restore on ITunes.

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