Irulu X77 Android Tablet Review - Is this worth it in a woodshop?


Irulu X77 Android Tablet Review - Is this worth it in a woodshop?

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Let me start off by saying this item was sent to me by They reached out to me and wanted to know if i'd like to review some of their products. If you look on their site you'll find many CNC, Lasers, And 3D printers (which would fit in perfectly with my channel). I asked for one of these items and they said I'd have to start out with something cheaper.
So here it is, a video of me review a android tablet. It's terrible. Don't buy it.
Hopefully this video is a stepping stone to getting the more expensive, relevant products they sell onto my channel.

I did buy an Ender 3 3D Printer from them a year ago. It's awesome! I'd buy it again in a heart beat! Make sure to check out their other items before you write them off! Some of them are great!

I left bloopers at the end so hopefully you get a good laugh at least!

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