Is The NEW 2020 Toyota Supra Going To Be A FAILURE??


Is The NEW 2020 Toyota Supra Going To Be A FAILURE??

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Will the new 2020 Toyota Supra be a success or another failed sportscar from Toyota?

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The new Toyota Supra is about to be unveiled and I am pretty excited for the 2020 Supra! I've always been a fan of the 90s MK4 Supra and I'd love to buy this new 2020 Toyota Supra!

Will it have what it takes to be a successful sportscar for Toyota? I think they are on the right path having an inline 6 cylinder engine with forced induction. It should be mid to upper 300 HP which will be fine. Remember the 90s Supra was in that range too.

So I think the drivetrain should be good. I really hope they offer a manual transmission for the car because that will really help sell the new 2020 Supra to the ultimate fans of the iconic car. The automatic transmission is a wise choice to have since that will sell the most units and make Toyota the most money. But they can't forget about the true fans who love this car. It needs a standard transmission.

I also hope pricing isn't super high. This car will not have supercar performance out of the box, so it certainly can't have supercar pricing. $40,000 - mid $50k pricing should be ideal for the market.

New Supra is coming soon and I hope Toyota has listened to their audience and is going to show off an amazing sportscar to follow up the iconic 90's Toyota Supra.

If it is awesome and affordable, I will be buying the new 2020 Toyota Supra and be thrilled to park it next to my Nissan GT-R, and have the two iconic 90's sportscar!

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