Kid's Smart Watch, Description, Tutorial, Review, Operation, SE Tracker


Kid's Smart Watch, Description, Tutorial, Review, Operation, SE Tracker

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One of the latest new GPS watchs:
Something like this watch:
Close to the model I have:

The model I have is a "Safe Keeper"

SIM Cards:
You may have one of several different watches that are similar, but most of these watches specify that they require a GSM compatible sim card. I honestly don't think that they make any sim cards now that are not GSM compatible.

So, a SIM card that has data only will work for texts and location. Also, a SIM card with data and voice will work for texts, location, monitoring, and voice messages.

Watch has a problem being "offline"
It appears that sometimes it takes a while after the watch is turned on before the watch goes "online" when you are looking at the map. You may have to take it outside for a while, or have it in a place where it gets a good signal (GPS signal). This may take an hour or so. First check to see if you can send text messages through the app. Also, check to see if you see the circle and dot (bulls-eye) at the top of the watch screen. I believe this is the GPS signal. Check to see if you are seeing any tower signal (top left of the watch screen). If you see an "E" that means you're connected to the "Edge" network, which is fine, it's just another way to get cell data.

The name of the app is "S E Tracker" . Make sure and put a space between S and E when you're searching for the app.

The time on the watch sets automatically based on the time zone you put into the S E Tracker application. If I remember correctly, for a while the application only allowed for 24 hour time format. I'm not sure if some of the applications allow you to change that now to regular 12 hour time.