【KiyoteruQuest】Just One More Time【Vocaloid Original】


【KiyoteruQuest】Just One More Time【Vocaloid Original】

Video Channel: Adlez27

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Music: khanadee
Lyrics: Hiroshi G. Matsumura
Tuning: M.I.D Productions
Artwork: Liquid Roze
Video: DystoP

khanadee: Jorts! Jorts! Jorts! Jorts!

DystoP: Even though this song is at the end of the album, don't you feel like listening to the whole album "just one more time"? Hahaha!

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Album producer: DystoP
Production assistant: RottenVelvet
Marketing consultant: Zoku


Could you ever know what it’s like
To be stranded in a strange world without a light
While playing Messiah with the sun
And the world is dying and needs the light, or else it’s done?

Strangers and stranger creatures put their fate in you,
A scared little kid who doesn’t know what to do,
To save the world like a hero
To put up the sun back where it belongs before the timer hits zero.

But, however…

Just one more time, I want to go back home.
Where there’s a real sun, bright colors, and no monochrome.
Just one more time, back on the other side,
I want to freely roam the fields reaching far and wide.
Just one more time….
Yeah, yeah, yeah…
Just one more time…
Yeah, yeah, yeah…

I’ve been walking a world that is ruined and caved
Meeting robots who wish to be tamed and behaved
Not just made of steel
Birds of a feather flock together and they want to feel real.

The people and animals are in quite a stitch
Because their home is in quite a glitch.
Nothing but squares, everywhere,
At every skyway, every highway, and every stair.

Watching it all fall apart…

Just one more time, please let me make this right.
Even it means delaying the inevitable in our sight.
Just one more time, I’ll stay on this side,
As long as the light in their home reaches far and wide.
Just one more time….
Yeah, yeah, yeah…
Just one more time…
Yeah, yeah, yeah…

Through the darkness there must be a wishing star
Because there’s a four-leaf clover close to heart
That God send
To find a better way, to achieve a happier end.

Whether you’re a human, or robot, or beast
We all have a heart that’s waiting to release
So stop pretending
So grow out of your programming, there’s that ending.


Just one more time, so they can all revive.
No more repeating for us all when the solstice arrives.
Just one more time, I’ll bring back the light.
Give everyone a happy end and set things right.
Just one more time….
Yeah, yeah, yeah…
Just one more time…
Yeah, yeah, yeah…
Just one more time!
Yeah, yeah, yeah…!
Just one more time!
Yeah, yeah, yeah…!

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