Lenovo Thinkpad x230t EXP GDC BEAST V8 Expresscard GTX660 EGPU External GPU


Lenovo Thinkpad x230t EXP GDC BEAST V8 Expresscard GTX660 EGPU External GPU

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When finding a PSU to use, make sure it also has a 20 pin as oppose to a 34pin motherboard connector as it will not fit the provided gdc beast power plug.
Note by Reddit User u/Anomaly08:
The ExpressCard slot is connected to an mPCI-E x1 slot (mini PCI-Express) that doesn't have a whitelist and it operates at PCI-E v2.0 speeds for that particular system. Something to clarify is that x1 is the width of that lane or connection between the laptop and eGPU while version 2.0 is the revision or speed of that connection in which it can move data. Basically they offer the same performance but with ExpressCard being much easier to use.

Using the internal display instead of an external will cut your performance down in frames but it can also introduce additional input latency and stutter. While having a more powerful GPU can help alleviate some of it and make things more playable it'll still take a noticeable performance hit using the internal display.

recorded on blackberry priv.....

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