LG G8 ThinQ Camera Review - Manual Mode Champion


LG G8 ThinQ Camera Review - Manual Mode Champion

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LG is debuting a brand new front-facing camera experience with the G8 ThinQ, which features an upgraded sensor as well as a new Time-of-Flight, or TOF camera. This creates the best portrait mode and front-facing camera photos ever seen on an LG phone, and that's just the start of the changes. A refreshed camera UI is easier to use than ever, and LG's powerful manual photography and videography modes are industry-leading.

Table of Contents:
Front-facing camera: 0:20
Portrait mode - 0:56
Front-facing low light - 1:48
Camera interface - 2:22
Portrait video mode - 4:46
Manual mode - 5:30
Video - 6:18
Audio tests - 7:40
Auto mode zooming/telephoto - 8:20
Auto/low light/wide-angle camera - 8:56
Low light/night mode- 9:40

Full gallery of photos on Flickr.com:

Filmed on LG V40 ThinQ


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