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LG SK8000 TV Review - RTINGS.com

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Hands-on review of the LG SK8000 UHD TV

The LG SK8000 is a good TV with an IPS panel. It is best suited to a bright room with wide seating. In this review, we compare it to 4 other popular models.

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The IPS panel of the SK8000 results in a low native contrast ratio, so blacks appear gray when viewed in the dark. The image remains accurate when viewed at an angle though. Unfortunately, the local dimming in ineffective at improving this dark scene performance. The TV has low input lag, which is great for gamers.

Model tested: 55” (55SK8000PUA)
Should also be valid for the 49” (49SK8000PUA) and 65” (65SK8000PUA).
Note that the 49” model has a 60Hz panel rather than the 120Hz panel found in the other sizes, but we expect the performance to be almost the same.

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Design (01:15)
Inputs (01:43)
Thermal (02:14)
Picture Quality (02:22)
Contrast (02:38)
Local Dimming (03:03)
Viewing Angle (03:26)
Reflections (03:59)
Peak Brightness (04:15)
Gray Uniformity (04:42)
Color Volume & Gamut (05:07)
Response Time (05:34)
Image Flicker (05:53)
Input Lag (06:12)
Smart Features & Remote (06:42)
Sound (07:15)
TVs Comparison (07:32)
Conclusion (09:14)

LG SK8000