Lil Drifty Construct3 Indie Game Review


Lil Drifty Construct3 Indie Game Review

Video Channel: Al Cox


I play games, make games and everything in between. I review mobile games (iOS) with a GameDev focus (try too..). I play all types, indie, top publishers anything that looks cool. I use Buildbox to make games and try to help the community with tutorials as sharing is caring.

Me: korean-american, digital nomad, minimalist, stoic with a beard


I'm a minimalist with a backpack, who travels around while making games, playing games and everything in between. Everything in between is a lot including this YouTube Channel. I've always wanted to design cool simplistic mobile app games so that's what I'm doing! I'm learning Buildbox and the best way to learn is to play previous Buildbox Games... and all top App Store games. I pay attention to cool game mechanics and anything that catches my eye that I may use in my future games.

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