Loco DojoVR In-Depth Game Review - 100 in 100

Loco DojoVR In-Depth Game Review - 100 in 100

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Loco DojoVR In-Depth Game Review

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Loco Dojo is everything perfect about British humor and virtual reality. This title is going to throw you into 16 different mini-games, with each one being more fun than the last. The developers somehow snuck a bit of a story in the game as well, and the theme is incredibly powerful. If you are looking for a game that gets the biggest bang for your buck, this title should be in your Viveport Library.

In our VR game reviews, we cover everything you will want to know before you go out and buy a VR title. Our game covers the following:

Getting Up and Running 0:51
Type of Game 1:27
Player Perspective 2:28
Theme and Story 2:58
Controls 3:30
Music and Sound 3:58
Player Movement 4:46
Kinetosis 5:23
Environment and Immersion 6:04
Overall 6:36

Score Card
Theme & Story: 8/10
Controls: 7/10
Music and Sound: 9/10
Player Movement: 8/10
Kinetosis: 7/10
Environment and Immersion: 8/10
Overall: 7.8/10

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