M3-1 Camera's Position


M3-1 Camera's Position

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Besides using an objects’ shape to express it effectively, you can also use the camera’s position.

Though the canned juice, character and secondary objects in this illustration are positioned at the same place, the camera’s position was placed closer to the canned juice.

By moving the camera closer to the canned juice, more details such as the water droplets can be expressed.

In addition, the appearance of the 2 characters is differentiated.

You can express a different atmosphere by moving the camera’s position.

In this sense, by changing the camera’s position you can change what you want to emphasize in your illustration.

When drawing a character with a sharp sword, what can be expressed depends on how you draw the sword.

The camera is positioned further away at the front to capture the whole body as shown in Diagram A.

This is called an explanatory composition, and it is suitable for explaining the situation and condition of characters.

The camera’s position in Diagram B is closer to the tip of the sword than that of Diagram A, and it has adopted the Fukan view.

The sharpness of the tip of the sword and fierce glance of the character is depicted up close. This composition is suitable for emphasizing tension.

Neither is particularly good or bad, but it is important to use compositions properly according to what you want to emphasize – the situation or atmosphere.

In diagram C, the camera’s position is closer than that of Diagram A to emphasize the character’s facial expression.

In this case, you can express the facial expressions more effectively. However, we can’t recognize that the object which the character is holding is actually a sword because the tip and guard of the sword can’t be seen in this illustration.

This composition is not good if shown by itself, but if Diagram C is presented after Diagram A in Manga, it is fine since the reader will know that the object is a sword.

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