Micca RB42 Review vs MB42X Bookshelf Speaker Review- Bonus Crossover Mod (End)


Micca RB42 Review vs MB42X Bookshelf Speaker Review- Bonus Crossover Mod (End)

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Micca RB42 Review - These are the brand new Micca RB42 mini bookshelf speakers. I currently own the Micca MB42X and the now discontinued Micca Club 3. The RB42 takes the best of both of those and adds further improvements.

Disclosure: The Micca RB42 was provided free from Micca for me to review. I was not paid to review this product and they did not review this video prior to release. The links below are affiliate links which I do receive a small commission for which helps support my channel. Thank you for your support.

Buy the Micca RB42 on Amazon: http://bit.ly/MiccaRB42

Read the Micca RB42 review /u/JohnBooty on Reddit: http://bit.ly/JohnBootyRB42Review

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