Micro Soldering Repair Equipment


Micro Soldering Repair Equipment

Video Channel: Go Cell Phone Repair

This is the equipment that I have on my bench for micro soldering repairs. Links and time stamps can be found below.

*The cheap multi meter will not do much good for anything beyond USB ports. Get something better.*

Microscope Options:

My current scope AmScope SM-4TPZ http://ebay.to/2zRKY9q (affiliate)

Shown in video AmScope SM-1TZ http://ebay.to/2B26NkA (affiliate)

Beginner scope (bare minimum) AmScope SE400-Z http://ebay.to/2hCCMPE (affiliate)

Andonstar HDMI Inspection Microscope http://ebay.to/2FWYqco (affiliate)

.5X Barlow lens http://ebay.to/2hKmKqC (affiliate)

Ring Light http://ebay.to/2zQu1wm (affiliate)

Soldering and Hot Air Rework Stations and Supplies:

Quick 861DW Hot Air Rework Station http://ebay.to/2V4dPhK (affiliate)

FM-203 Soldering Station, Digital, ESD Safe, 2Port http://ebay.to/2yZaoON (affiliate)

Hakko FM2023-05 SMD Mini Tweezer with T9-I Tips and FH200-04 Stand http://ebay.to/2Ae512n (affiliate)

Hakko T15-DL32 Tip Chisel 3.2 x 10mm http://ebay.to/2APL1DN (affiliate)

Hakko T15-ILS Conical Soldering Tip, Slim, R 0.1 x 13.5 mm http://ebay.to/2AjKEQR (affiliate)

Hakko FA400-04 Bench Top ESD-Safe Smoke Absorber http://ebay.to/2iEAPpZ (affiliate)

MG Chemicals Solder Wick http://ebay.to/2AlHRGX (affiliate)

Goot Wick Brand Solder Wick (CP-2015/CP-3015) http://ebay.to/2Aks62W (affiliate)

Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner http://ebay.to/2ApV3IE (affiliate)

852D+ Cheap Soldering/Hot Air Station http://ebay.to/2ACojhJ (affiliate)

852D+ 900M-T-I Replacing 0.2mm Dia Point Soldering Solder Iron Tip 2 Pcs http://ebay.to/2BuGino (affiliate)

852D+ 900M-T-IS Rework Station Tool Curved Soldering Solder Iron Tip 5pcs http://ebay.to/2iaUytL (affiliate)

8 in1 Mainboard CPU IC Chip Knife Repair Tool http://ebay.to/2EXaBEU (affiliate)

Diagnostic Tools

Power Supply http://bit.ly/2FthBee

Current Test Cable Power Line for iPhone 7/7 Plus/6/6 Plus/5s/5c/5/4s/4 http://ebay.to/2HI2I7L (affiliate)

DC Current Power Supply Test Cable for iPhone 6S/6S Plus/7/7Plus Samsung Repair http://ebay.to/2HJW7cX (affiliate)

ZXW board view dongle http://ebay.to/2i9EoRg (affiliate)

Fluke 15B+ Digital Multimeter http://ebay.to/2j9zXXF (affiliate)

Fluke Fine Point Tip Adapter http://ebay.to/2iE8lwL (affiliate)

PortaPow 3 Ammeter http://ebay.to/2AoW43N (affiliate)

MG Chemicals Super Cold Spray, 285g (10 Oz) Aerosol Can http://ebay.to/2kgvxBH (affiliate)

Other Supplies:

Lens Pen http://ebay.to/2j8edvl (affiliate)

Cheap Tweezers http://ebay.to/2ABiPnr (affiliate)

Good Tweezers http://ebay.to/2zY8RwS (affiliate)

Wire Cutter http://ebay.to/2AnvZns (affiliate)

Dental Picks http://ebay.to/2Ar4vvk(affiliate)

Kaptop Tape http://ebay.to/2j88uW3 (affiliate)

Tip Tinner http://ebay.to/2AkOCZq (affiliate)

Circuit Board Holder http://ebay.to/2qe0vgp (affiliate)

34 AWG Jumper Wire http://ebay.to/2CAAZ7j (affiliate)

Type-III 100pc 6 Inch American Made Cotton Swabs http://ebay.to/2EveP7a (affiliate)

Mobile Phone Rework Repair BGA Reballing Stencils for iPhone 6 6S http://goo.gl/qfREJo (affiliate)

Beauticom Push Down Alcohol Dispenser http://ebay.to/2zGRjRT (affiliate)

ChipQuik SMD-291 No Clean Flux in 10cc. (1 Ounce) Syringe with Nozzle http://ebay.to/2AkaR1s (affiliate)

5 Pcs 1.5 x 0.5cm Black Plastic Round Handle Anti Static ESD Brush http://ebay.to/2nlfdAJ (affiliate)

Kimtech Science KimWipes Delicate Task Wipers http://ebay.to/2iGfRam (affiliate)

MG Chemicals Non-Abrasive Cleaning Brush with 5-1/4" Wood Handle, Horse Hair Bristles, 1-3/8" Length x 7/16" Width http://ebay.to/2ISdYj2 (affiliate)

Kester 44 Rosin Core Solder 63/37 .020" 3/4oz Dispense-Pak http://ebay.to/2IRxKvc (affiliate)

Wilton Easy Flex Silicone 10-Inch by 15-Inch Mat http://ebay.to/2pE8LDD (affiliate)

Powder Free Nitrile Gloves http://ebay.to/2G9JKGx (affiliate)

UV Flashlight http://ebay.to/2DSSi2O (affiliate)

UV Lamp http://ebay.to/2HZI56Q (affiliate)

Fastchip Low Melt Alloy http://ebay.to/2G8pSDz (affiliate)

Derui Ultrasonic Cleaner DR-DS20 2L http://ebay.to/2jbD7u6 (affiliate)

Branson Electronic Solution for Ultrasonic Cleaners http://ebay.to/2khMmMu (affiliate)

Solder Mask http://ebay.to/2EMs0jL (affiliate)

If I've missed anything let me know.

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