MONSTER. POWER. 2019 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS Turbo


MONSTER. POWER. 2019 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS Turbo

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The 2019 YXZ1000R equipped with Yamaha's GYTR Turbo Kit provides a claimed 60% horsepower increase over stock, bumping output to 179-horsepower at the crank and 147-horsepower at the rear wheels. Retail pricing on the GYTR Turbo Kit is $4,949 plus $1,000 installation.

The heart of the GYTR turbo kit is this premium ball-bearing, liquid-cooled Garrett turbo charger. This turbo is designed to provide maximum durability and is sized perfectly for the YXZ's 998cc three-cylinder engine to provide optimum performance at all RPMs. Exhaust gases are fed to the turbo by a brand-new, custom welded header and exit the turbo via the factory muffler which helps maintain emissions compliance in all 50 states.

To maximize performance and efficiency, the compressed intake air is cooled via a rear-mounted charge air cooler which exchanges heat via a front-mounted liquid-to-air intercooler. Yamaha aimed to provide factory-like driveability with the GYTR Turbo Kit and that is why Yamaha has supplied a brand-new ECU loaded with factory-level custom tuning. The new programming is designed to monitor readings like boost pressure and intake air temperature in order to adjust engine calibration as needed to ensure peak performance while preserving driveline reliability.

The turbo kit takes advantage of the updates made to the 2019 YXZ models. The two most important of which are the new cooling system and the strengthened connecting rods. The new larger, rear-mounted radiator with twin cooling fans helps the engine maintain consistent operating temperatures in even the most extreme conditions. The stronger GYTR connecting rods are now factory-installed on all new YXZs which makes the turbo kit a true bolt-on package. Without the need to tear down the engine to replace the connecting rods, the installation time for the turbo kit is reduced by about 14 hours, which will save most customers about $1,500 on the installation cost.

Talking about how the YXZ actually drives, the original engine character remains, but everything’s been dialed up. Power comes on strong and the YXZ pulls insanely hard above 5,000 RPM and all the way to redline. Thanks to the no-lift shift on the SS model, you don’t see a drop in boost pressure between gears which means no dip in power. Also, with the right-sized turbo Yamaha has used, you don’t experience turbo lag, even when launching from a standing start. Lastly, the turbo does enhance low-end torque for low-RPM, low-speed crawling.

Finally, one of the best features of the GYTR turbo kit is you can maintain your factory warranty coverage and you can even get extended coverage through Yamaha’s YES program, giving you up to 54-months total warranty coverage from the date of purchase. For more details on this model visit our website at: