Moto razr 2019 Offical video - A true Motorola Foldable Phone


Moto razr 2019 Offical video - A true Motorola Foldable Phone

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moto razr 2019 Offical video - A true Foldable Flip Phone The original Motorola’s RAZR flip phone was one of the company’s greatest hits and probably one of the most successful handsets pre-smartphone era. We’re now in 2019, and the technology is miles and miles beyond it was in the RAZR glorious days. With the advent of foldable smartphones, the Lenovo owned company started to work in a new incarnation of the successful flip phone, this time with smartphone pedigree and foldable display technology. The device recently leaked in a couple of pictures and today a new video of the handset emerged on China’s Weibo showing the device from all sides.

The video confirms the presence of clamshell build and design language, however, it won’t come with a physical keyboard. The main quality of this design is that the Moto Razr won’t reach the size of a tablet when unfolded, like competition’s direction. Instead, it will be truly compact when folded and when unfolded it will like a standard smartphone.

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