Motorola One Vison Competitors


Motorola One Vison Competitors

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This video is all about competitors and alternatives for motorola one vision.
The mid-range market is the most hotly contested battleground in the smartphone realm for the past couple of years and has the widest selection of devices among all segments. Any significant shortcomings are thus costing dearly could ruin a phone's market prospects. Luckily, Motorola didn't just get the One Vision's specs sheet right, it also made sure the phone performs up to standard in everyday life.

The One Vision is indeed a thoughtful all-round smartphone with enough key features to stand out. For as low as €300 the Vision has a cinematic 21:9 screen with a punch-hole selfie camera, solid Exynos chipset that even does well for casual gaming, and an excellent camera. The design is also eye-catching and the color options are very intriguing.

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