My HUMILIATING Experience at Louis Vuitton || Autumn Beckman


My HUMILIATING Experience at Louis Vuitton || Autumn Beckman

Video Channel: Autumn Beckman

My HUMILIATING Experience at Louis Vuitton || PLUS Chat Comparing LV Zippy Coin and Chanel Boy Coin || Autumn Beckman
I purchased this LV vachetta luggage tag from The Real Real, took it to LV to get hot stamped, and they told me it was fake! Watch the video to find out what happened next.
Also, I looked at the LV zippy coin and multicartes and the Chanel Boy coin purse tonight. I share my thoughts on each and which I liked best.
UPDATE: I showed the LV luggage tag to the Louis Vuitton Addicted - Buy Sell Chat group on Facebook and they confirmed that it's fake. :(

YouTuber mentioned: Minks4All (Minnie). By the way, I don't fault anyone for loving the Chanel Boy coin like she does. It's a beautiful piece...just not for me. I should have said that in my video.

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DISCLAIMER: Those sound effects you hear in the background are courtesy of my African gray parrot, Vincent.

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