New MMORPGs of 2019 Actually Worth Your Attention

New MMORPGs of 2019 Actually Worth Your Attention

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Most of us are guilty of constantly looking for new and upcoming MMOs and MMORPGs. We devour anything with new, upcoming, mmo or mmorpg in the title and are surprised and a little let down when we don't find something new and exciting we hadn't seen in the last 7 videos we watched and 13 articles we read.

I put together this list.. kind of like how I did last year with the only titles in 2019 I'm even concerned with. Not new mmorpgs that have been upcoming and 'to be released later this year' since 2016. You may or may not see some games you've heard of, but I think there might be a few upcoming mmorpgs mentioned here that some people may not have seen before.

Like TemTem.

I hear it's a TenTen.

TemTem 0:30
World of Wacraft Classic 2:12
Lost Ark 4:15
Mad World 6:05
New World 9:08
Hytale 10:18

2020 looks like it's going to be muuuuuch better for new and upcoming mmorpgs than 2019 is - so use 2019 to get reacquainted with the games already released.

The listed games.


World of Warcraft Classic

Mad World

Lost Ark (RU if not NA)

New World



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Footage used besides official sources:



World of Warcraft Classic

IGN Footage

pinal1na - Onyxia Rogue PoV

Ascension Guild - Mage Does Dire Maul
Nostalrius Trailer - rip

New World

Music :


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