Nokia Streetwise Awesome Ringtone - 6 Nokias - 6 Ringtones


Nokia Streetwise Awesome Ringtone - 6 Nokias - 6 Ringtones

Video Channel: Giedphoto Nokia

Six Nokia mobile phones. Six versions of the Nokia ringtone "Streetwise". Six variations of some ringtone, all according to their release date. Possibly there is an error in the dates. There is not much information on the release dates. Possibly I missed some coz I don't own many vintages Nokia mobile phones. These ringtones are from Nokia mobile phone collection that I own. Live a comment if you have a Nokia mobile phone with this "Streetwise" ringtone!
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(1) Nokia 3100 / Jan -17- 2003.
(2) Nokia 2300 / Q3 - 2003. (Q3) October, November, and December.
(3) Nokia 6230 / Feb - 2004.
(4) Nokia 2600 / Jun - 14 - 2004.
(5) Nokia 3220 / Jun - 16 - 2004.
(6) Nokia 6630 / Nov - 2004.

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