DJI Spark CE range test (OTG cable/countryside)


DJI Spark CE range test (OTG cable/countryside)

Video Channel: catch22mania

The range test starts at 1:40!

This time i connected the controller via OTG adapter to the iPad and switched the iPad to airplane mode (WiFi and Bluetooth off). Thanks to Georgewrigley for the tip.

Max. distance: 3980 ft

On my first flight on saturday the controller lost connection to the Spark at 650ft. The Controller was connect via WiFi to the iPad.

On the way back the controller had a few disconnects and i couldn't cancel "return to home". I wanted to move the gimbal, but this isn't possible in rth mode (afaik).

In the first part of video i made a short gimbal control test.

Music: LukHash ( (Sorry for the ad because of the content id match)

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