Octane 2019 Update and Pricing


Octane 2019 Update and Pricing

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Update: I just learned about more info on the purchase details of octane. The "OctaneRender 4™ Enterprise DCC / All-Access Bundle" also comes with a free Render Slave Node License. This means you can also use another computer to help render with. Also, I'm afraid that at the time of making this video, the Octane All-Access system does not include the Octane C4D plugin. This means if you want to use the C4D plugin at all, you must purchase it by selecting it in the license options area.

Also, I've noticed that a lot of the comments have been pressing great frustration with Otoy over this. I understand why you would be frustrated, but please realize that Otoy did not intend to cause a problem, and they are by no means trying to rip off their customers. If you add up everything that you get when purchasing the "OctaneRender 4™ Enterprise DCC / All-Access Bundle" its actually a good deal. It's just for someone who's not going to use all the plugins, it seems a tad excessive.
There is also no hiding the fact that dividing their customers into 2 different groups, perpetual licenses Octane 4.0, and subscription licenses Octane 2018, respectively, is a less than perfect pricing system.

This all said I feel very confident that Otoy will resolve this, and I have already heard from friends who contacted customer support that Otoy is considering a better pricing system.

I'm also trying my best to persuade them to make some changes.

Sorry for some of the misinformation in the video, this is something we are all trying to understand :).

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The latest version of Octane render is out right now! But it is under a new name, called Octane 2018. Watch this video for more info on it :)!

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