Original XBox Startech VS Cheap Ebay IDE to Sata Adapter on 2TB BOOT TEST - RETRO PRO FRANK


Original XBox Startech VS Cheap Ebay IDE to Sata Adapter on 2TB BOOT TEST - RETRO PRO FRANK

Video Channel: Retro Pro Frank

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in this video very basic test of load time

I would like to call it a live video but it's not live. But I did recorded live and you can see it happened with the stop clock..

there's a whole bunch of different varieties available when it comes to IDe adapters.

hopefully this video will help somebody make a decision and make their decision wirelessly. Please make sure to watch the entire video to understand when I'm talking about

boot time was a couple seconds in between. I will say this if you're running Unleashed X. Expect longer boot times

if you're running something more modern like XBMC 353. Emulationstation xbmc4gamers Etc. boot times are pretty similar. some people might not have that extra money to spend on the name brand. I personally think the green eBay adapters are pretty decent. Just know that you can't just order one and expect it to work perfectly. you might want to order a few. And make sure you test..

this video helped at least one person and it's done its job

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