Parts or Repair? - Philips AL990 Shortwave Radio


Parts or Repair? - Philips AL990 Shortwave Radio

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If something is broken there’s little to lose but much to gain by attempting a repair - even when I don’t have a clue what I’m doing.

• I don’t want to plug this into power - so it’s fine that this part doesn’t work.
• I don’t need to use the alarm - so it’s fine that this doesn’t work.
• I used electrical insulation tape on the soldered wires as I couldn’t find my bag of heat shrink tubing.
• It uses 6 C-Cell batteries - the red battery release ribbon is looped behind the rear two batteries, so one pull of the tape releases all the batteries.
• I checked the polarity of the 12V DC plug by reading the service manual before I plugged by adaptor in
• This is not my first rodeo

• Try to just enjoy things as they come - it’s more fun than looking for holes in them. It’s a simple video about an old radio that just needed new batteries.I’m really not trying to fool anyone here - these types of videos take a long time to shoot but then are edited down to the highlights. Just like watching a 30 minute TV show where someone builds a house - you are seeing selected highlights - a house takes more than 22 minutes plus adverts to build and like that this video was spread over three days of shooting which accumulated about ten hours of video. If something isn’t shown in the videos it doesn’t necessarily mean I forgot it - I mean who in their right mind would leave bare wires pushed up against a circuit board - the suggestion is preposterous, of course I covered the wires...but no one really needs to see someone wrapping wires in insulation tape any more than they’d like to see me walking to the Amazon locker to pick up my aerial delivery or the hour long section where I tried to get both of the incredibly fiddly copper washers back into the new aerial.

It’s just a video it’s not a challenge.



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