PeohZarr Wired Foldable Headphones - Unboxing and Review


PeohZarr Wired Foldable Headphones - Unboxing and Review

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Wireless headphones are the norm these days, but most of them are too hard for kids to use. The biggest problem being the syncing/pairing process. PeoZarr makes these wired headphones that are foldable for compact storage, yet provides adequate ear/head padding for comfort. These work with iPads, iPhones, tablets, computers, other smartphones (like Samsung/Google Pixel) or any other device that outputs sound via a 3.55mm headphone jack. Just plug them in and they work!

They are marketed towards children but they do fit adults as well. Please watch my unboxing video to see what you get, understand how to use it, and hear my initial impressions on the sound quality. I want you to know that the headphones are not active noise cancelling, but still does a decent job of passive noise cancelling without sacrificing comfort.

If you'd like to check it out some more, or buy it, here is the link:

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