Philips 47pfl6008 problems with TV ( maybe software ) !


Philips 47pfl6008 problems with TV ( maybe software ) !

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Problems with Philips TV 47pfl6008.

My TV has several days. It is a model in 2013. (SW 171 051) 47pfl6008 . I am from Poland.

TV often does not turn on standby mode, which is very frustrating.
It does not help turning off and on the side panel. You have to unplug the power switch only works by remote control.

The problem occurs several times a day. Not always. But as it occurs happens several times in a row. Sometimes a TV reboots itself when using a SMART TV.

Such problems are very many people who bought this model.

Just read here:

Let the movie will be a clear message for PHILIPS and for people who are interested in this model.

Television has a very good picture of the HD and 3D, very good black and sound. But the problems that you see in the movie are unacceptable, because you can not turn it on normally!.

Philips please do something about it.

Philips 47