Plastic Roadways BUSTED!


Plastic Roadways BUSTED!

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So they are going to make roads out of plastic.... they will last 3 times longer.... will handle cables and water... AND be made out of recycled material!! Kinda like solar roadways, just without the solar panels!.. and now it has some 60 million hits on facebook!

Their FAQ page is far more realistic where they basically say they dont even know if its possible or not. Makes you wonder why they described it as 'a revolution in road construction'!

So the IMPLICATION is they are going to use polyethylene terephthalate, which is a great polymer. It's used to make soda bottles. However its just WAY too soft to make a road out of.

Could they make a composite material? Well maybe. Naturally it will cost more. If its fiber reinforced, you sensibly lose the ability the recycle the material. If its going to use rock to make a composite, then its basically indistinguishable from regular blacktop, with the exception it uses polymeric crap as the binder rather than bitumen. Hardly a revolution. People have been adding all sorts of extras to roadsurfaces for years. Most notably ground up waste tires worked quite well. Shoulda put that in the video really.....

Anyways, then you go and read their FAQ, and you realize that this is more things that they hope will be true, rather than the things they claim ARE true in their video, like 'this will be a revolution in road construction'. That BS has now been seen by over 60 million people! -great!

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