Porsche 911 996/ 997 Gundo exhaust hack | Vlogs


Porsche 911 996/ 997 Gundo exhaust hack | Vlogs

Video Channel: carwow

My Porsche 911 996 has always sounded a bit tame. Sure, it's got a 3.4-litre naturally aspirated flat six but, the standard mufflers do a good job of muting the exhaust note. So I was planning on fitting an aftermarket back box, but then discovered there was a much cheaper way to achieve the same results. Known as the Gundo Hack, it consists of a welding a small bypass pipe between the inlet and outlet pipes of the standard mufflers. This allows some of the exhaust gasses to bypass the sound deadening muffler thereby changing the tone and volume of the car's exhaust note. The modification essentially mimics the official Porsche Sports Exhaust. However, there is no switchable valve so the exhaust is permanently in sports mode. In this video you can see the modification being carried out and, compare the sound of the car before and after the hack in a variety of conditions.
So turn up the volume and see just how wonderful my 911 now sounds.

Click here for the guy who does the mod - http://en-gb.facebook.com/Paulscarwe...

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