Post Bag 19 - Sneaking in over the line


Post Bag 19 - Sneaking in over the line

Video Channel: David Watts

ESP32 's' Who know what the 's' means, I just wanted one quickly -

5Pin 1x4 Button Keypad -

2 x 10 Pairs 2 Pin Connector JST Cable -

10 Pairs JST SM 2 Pins -

Momentary Foot Pedal -

Ross' Mystery Coin (Badge), after looking at the webpage I still have no idea but some kind of binary thing is my first thought -

Dirk Herrendoerfer's channel, well worth a look -

It turns out that 'Likes' and 'Shares' actually help the channel so, if you want to, please click the thumbs up or share the video.

I don't have a Patreon or a donate thingy, I get by fine. That said, if you are mega rich and fancy donating something I would find useful then feel free to check out my Amazon wishlist (No pressure) -

I put lots of my favourite products and stuff that helps me make video up on this Amazon page - It is one of those affiliate things.

If you want to get in contact Twitter is probably the best way @mrdavidjwatts

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