Razer Blade with RTX2080 for CG & VFX


Razer Blade with RTX2080 for CG & VFX

Video Channel: Andrey Lebrov

I had that idea for a very long time. Since MacBook Pro days I wanted something similar but much more powerful and suitable for CG & VFX. Tried Surface Laptops, other laptops and Blade Pro (Review here: http://clipreview.net/o-3xPzz36ck). I gave up the idea because nothing was decent enough. But then I thought I would ask Razer to let me try out their 15" series, at least it's portable I thought... and here you have it. I've been trying to break it for 3 months. Cinebench, Octanebench included. I guess 2019 is the year when finally CG & VFX artists can work on laptops exclusively.

Remember folks, I pick my gear thoroughly and only post reviews on the best equipment for us. VFX geeks. Hope it helped you :)

Check out all configurations at http://www.razer.com/gaming-laptops/...

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MY LAPTOP: http://tiny.cc/50dm5y
ULTRAWIDE MONITOR: http://tiny.cc/6xdm5y
MY KEYBOARD: http://tiny.cc/z4dm5y
GRAPHICS TABLET: http://tiny.cc/yjdm5y
3D SPACE MOUSE: http://tiny.cc/htdm5y
HEADPHONES: http://tiny.cc/baem5y

MAIN CAMERA: http://tiny.cc/mgem5y
RUN & GUN CAMERA: http://tiny.cc/niem5y
MAIN LENS: http://tiny.cc/9jem5y
RUN & GUN LENS: http://tiny.cc/boem5y
MAIN MIC: http://tiny.cc/3wem5y
RUN & GUN MIC: http://tiny.cc/lqem5y
GIMBAL: http://tiny.cc/kzem5y

INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/andreylebrov

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