REVIEW: Hooke Verse, 3D Binaural Audio Headphones!


REVIEW: Hooke Verse, 3D Binaural Audio Headphones!

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Hooke Verse - Bluetooth Binaural 3D Audio Recording Headphones
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3D RECORDING: Wirelessly record binaural 3D Audio on any iOS and Android Device. Made for mobile, also compatible with DSLR, GoPro, 360 Fly or other VR capture cameras. Capture content that feels alive and can produce an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR).
FEATURES: 9 hours of 3D audio recording, 10 hours of music playback, wireless calling, noise isolating balanced dynamic drivers, and inline analog to digital converter for wired recordings. Verse 3D mics record from the ear. Sound is picked up exactly as you would hear it
HOOKE APP: Use the specially designed Hooke Audio App to record in 3D audio. Adjust the sound, record with special sound filters, generate a public feed or live stream, and use the 'selfie mode'
SHARE YOUR 'VERSE: 3D audio playback can be enjoyed by anyone on standard headphones or stereo speakers so you can easily share your immersive audio universe. Social media sharing functions can be accessed directly in the app, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, or Google Drive.
BE HEAR: Hear sound as if you're there with Hooke Verse. The product packaging can be transformed into a portable stand to record in 3D when you aren't wearing your Hooke Verse. Proprietary Hooke codec: Bluetooth 4.1, 16bit, 48kHZ.WAV sample rate, .0042ms latency.

Superior 3D Audio in Your Pocket
Durable, comfortable, portable & groundbreaking. What looks like a normal pair of Bluetooth headphones is packed with 3D audio technology, featuring binaural microphones in each earbud, a proprietary lossless recording codec, a 10+ hour battery, noise isolating balanced drivers and an inline analog to digital converter for wired recordings. Hooke Verse isn’t just a headphone; it’s an entirely new capturing device.

Sound Matters
Taking great pictures & videos with your smartphone is easy, but what about great sound? Our phones only record in mono, while we experience them in stereo, telling only half of the story. With Hooke Verse, you can finally use your phone to record audio like we actually hear it.

With the Hooke Verse, capture 3D audio identical to the way you normally hear sound. Connect to your Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth 4.1, or use the included 3D Audio recording cable to connect to DSLR cameras, GoPro, Field Recorders, mixing consoles & more! Featuring 9 hours of 3D audio recording, bring your content to life with audio quality that makes your viewers feel like they’re actually there!

Listen to all your favorite music & content from iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Google Music and more! You can also play games and take calls hands-free (Android only) for ultimate convenience.

Take your superior sounding recordings and share directly to social media, email, dropbox and more. Binaural recordings can be experienced on any speaker or headphones (including Hooke Verse)

Hooke Audio’s Verse - Capture Live Memories

The Verse is a Bluetooth headset that captures wireless binaural 3D audio to Android and iOS smartphones. With in-ear headphones and 2 omni-directional binaural microphones, Verse picks up and plays back sound exactly as you would hear it - with direction and natural fading as sound moves from one ear to another. By using the Hooke App and the Verse you can record memories that feel alive. Concerts, adventures, and every-day activities are tangible with 3D audio.

Hooke Verse can also capture wired binaural 3D audio to non-Bluetooth devices like go Pros, DSLR cameras, field recorders, audio interfaces, Pro video, and pro audio equipment with the included recording cable. You can also combine your Verse with 360 degree cameras for a fully immersive 360 experience.
Listen to music, play games, take calls hands-free (Android only) and change the way you record the world on your phone With Hooke Verse.