Rimac's Helping Hyundai Kia Make Super-Sexy Sports Cars?!


Rimac's Helping Hyundai Kia Make Super-Sexy Sports Cars?!

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[EDIT: we incorrectly said *eighty-eighty* when referring to the number of Concpet_Ones made.

We were wrong and it was a typo. Of course, only eight were made.


When it comes to high-performance, exclusive electric cars, the Rimac Concept_One, Rimac Concept_S and Rimac C_TWO are pretty high on the list.

Blistering fast, they each produce incredible amounts of power, and have helped the Croatian company behind them go from unknown to hero status in just a few years.

Now, Hyundai Kia have made a sizeable investment in Rimac, with a view to getting its help to produce two high-performance cars -- one battery electric, and one hydrogen fuel cell electric.

What could this mean for all three brands? And what's the likely outcome of this interesting collaboration?

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