Roku Wireless Speakers: If you own a Roku TV, these wireless speakers are a no-brainer | Review


Roku Wireless Speakers: If you own a Roku TV, these wireless speakers are a no-brainer | Review

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Roku TVs have become extremely popular thanks to their low cost and a built-in operating system that’s not only easy to use, but also lets you stream virtually anything on the web. Little did we know, however, that Roku has been quietly working behind the scenes on a hardware addition to its TV software suite in the form of wireless speakers built exclusively for its growing Roku TV army. What are they called? The Roku Wireless Speakers, naturally.

A bespoke pair of wireless speakers built just for Roku TVs may seem like an odd niche, but with multiple TV brands now running Roku OS and TV sound being … well, terrible, an intuitive wireless audio system that integrates seamlessly with Roku TVs actually makes a lot of sense. Frankly, we had our doubts as to whether Roku could pull this one off but, as it turns out, Roku’s talents span well beyond the realm of intuitive streaming.

Our Take:
Roku’s Wireless Speakers are a pleasantly surprising first entry into audio for the brand, offering clear, full, and detailed sound and seamless integration with your Roku TV, all at a price that adds minimal sticker shock to your TV purchase.

Is there a better alternative?
There are a ton of options around the $200 price point, so we’ll just point out a couple to consider. If you’re willing to jump up $100, Yamaha’s YAS-207 offers detailed performance, along with bigger bass and even virtual surround. At $50 less, Vizio’s popular SB3261 soundbar is another fine option, with bigger bass, though it’s going to be a step down when it comes to stereo image. There are also countless options in the wireless/computer speaker marketplace, but the lion’s share will require a separate remote and cables, curbing the convenience factor.

How long will it last?
The speakers appear to be well-built, like everything we’ve seen from Roku thus far, while mysterious new features are still in development, teasing that they should last for years to come.

Should you buy it?
Yes. If you’re a Roku TV owner looking for a slick and simple audio solution on a tight budget, Roku’s Wireless Speakers are an excellent choice.



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