Samsing Dooars | Rocky Island Samsing Lali Gurash View Point | Queen of Dooars Samsing


Samsing Dooars | Rocky Island Samsing Lali Gurash View Point | Queen of Dooars Samsing

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Samsing Dooars | Rocky Island Samsing Lali Gurash View Point | Queen of Dooars Samsing | Watch the view of ROCKY ISLAND SAMSING passing Murti River | Amazing view of small hilly village and tea garden area SAMSING situated in Dooars (Duars) region of North Bengal | Samsing has Rocky Island, Laliguras Picnic Spot and Tea Gardens to offer to the tourists visiting Samsing, Suntaley Khola, Jhalong, Paren and Bindu.

Samsing is a nice cool shady place, ideal for nature lovers. The journey to Samsing is a memorable one, as you slowly ride uphill through the most picturesque Dooars tea garden on the rolling hill slopes.

Samsing is a small hill village and tourist spot in the Malbazar subdivision of Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal situated at an elevation of 3000 ft in the foothills of Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling districts border.

SAMSING is another beauty spot of DOOARS. It is a quiet shady haunt of nature lovers. The simple village folks and their carefully tended huts, the green hill slopes, the orange orchards and the cardamom plantations, make SAMSING a unique place to visit.
SAMSING is a small village in the area of DOOARS, Situated at an elevation of around 3000 ft above sea level, SAMSING is famous for its landscape, green tea gardens, hills and forests. SAMSING is also a gateway to the famous Neora Valley National Park, which is just 18 km from here.The journey towards SAMSING from the nearby region Chalsa of Jalpaiguri District takes around 1 hour. Aivel Tea garden is a treat to watch. Rivers and mountains are an essential part of the landscape of SAMSING. Several tea gardens surround the regions of SAMSING on the both.

TEA GARDEN IN SAMSING road. The forest area of SAMSING consists of several species of animals and plants. Some of the species found here include grey night-jar, greater racket-tailed drongo, orange-bellied leaf-bird, maroon oriole, grey-chinned, short-billed mini-vets, slaty-backed fork-tail, ashy bulbul, yellow-vented, golden-spectacles and chestnut crowned warblers, white-napped and black-chinned yuhinas. Here a half done Rock garden is bound to attract any travelers attraction.

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