Samsung NU7100 TV Review -

Samsung NU7100 TV Review -

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Hands-on review of the Samsung NU7100 HDR TV

The Samsung NU7100 is a basic 4k TV with decent picture quality. In this review, we compare it to 4 other popular models.

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The NU7100 is a budget TV with decent picture quality but it lacks features to improve it further such as local dimming or a wide color gamut for HDR. It has a high native contrast ratio and can produce deep blacks but only has mediocre peak brightness and the image loses accuracy when viewed at an angle. The response time is okay so some blur is visible with fast moving objects, but the TV also feels responsive due to the low input lag.

Model tested: 55” (UN55NU7100)
Should also be valid for the other 40", 43", 50", 65", 75"

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Design (00:52)
Inputs (01:33)
Thermal (01:52)
Picture Quality (02:02)
Contrast (02:17)
Local Dimming (02:36)
Viewing Angle (02:55)
Reflections (03:12)
Peak Brightness (03:30)
Gray Uniformity (04:05)
Color Volume & Gamut (04:21)
Response Time (04:40)
Image Flicker (04:56)
Input Lag (05:12)
Smart Features (05:29)
Sound (05:52)
TVs Comparison (06:06)
Conclusion (07:47)

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