Samsung UHD 4K Smart TV Review (NU6900 Series)


Samsung UHD 4K Smart TV Review (NU6900 Series)

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Samsung is known for its high quality TVs and today that reputation still holds true. This Samsung 4K UHD flat screen TV is a budget QLED TV that can rival those TVs that cost more than $1000. If you love watching 4K content and you also want a great budget TV that can play true 4K Playstation 4 games rhen this TV is ideal.

The Samsung NU6900 series 55 inch Tv has true HDR technology and a fully backlit LED array, giving you breath taking video. This TV produces very deep rich blacks, thus giving crisp color palette contrasts.

The sound quality is pretty good too if you do now want to spend the extra cash on a set of external amplified speakers.

This is a true smart TV that comes with an array of built in applications like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime video and so on. There is also a built in TV guide as well that is automatically created depending on your channel subscription, including any free over the air digital channels.

If you cannot afford the more expensive OLED 4K TVs you will be very satisfied with this cheaper QLED model. Believe me.

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