Snapdragon 765 & 765G | 5G & AI for mid-range mobiles!

Snapdragon 765 & 765G | 5G & AI for mid-range mobiles!

Video Channel: Tech Spurt

The full skinny on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 765, and also the 765G, the gaming version of this brilliant new mid-range smartphone platform - which includes 5G support and AI features that'll blow away the competition.

Get ready for affordable phones in 2020 that will boast premium features such as 5G connectivity, cameras up to 192MP that can capture 4K HDR video and serious mobile game smarts. Let's review the specs and finer details for the SD765 chipsets, which Qualcomm launched here at the Snapdragon summit.

You get the speedy new Kryo 475 CPU, running at up to 2.3GHz, as well as the Adreno 620 GPU, serving up a 20% performance increase over the older SD 730. On top of that, the Snapdragon 765G offers a further boost to the graphical abilities, perfect for gaming on the go.

Mid-range smartphones next year should boast some serious camera smarts. You can expect some great photo and video chops, with the likes of Nokia and Motorola already announcing new handsets supporting Qualcomm's tech.

Stay tuned for reviews of these fresh handsets in 2020!