Sony A6400 VS Panasonic Lumix G95! THE Dishonest Comparison!


Sony A6400 VS Panasonic Lumix G95! THE Dishonest Comparison!

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Today we're comparing two of my favorite cameras of the year. The Sony A6400 and the Panasonic Lumix G95, and we're going to tell a couple of fibs just to make sure we're on the edgy side of the youtube sphere because if we dont flat out say we're honest then we must not be right?

But these two cameras are totally capable of running your dreams of internet stardom, but which one works best?

Lets find out!

Lumix G95

Sony A6400

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----------What Gear I Use!---------------------

Main Camera (Lumix GH5)

Main Lens (Sigma 16mm 1.4)

Secondary Camera (Sony A6400)

Secondary Lens (Sigma 30mm 1.4)

Main Audio (GH5 XLR Adapter)

Canon EOS R Playlist

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