Sony Z9F TV Review -


Sony Z9F TV Review -

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Hands-on review of the 2018 Sony Z9F 4k TV

The Sony Z9F is a great 4k TV. It has great picture quality, and gets exceptionally bright. In this review, we compare it to 4 other popular models.

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The Z9F is the successor to the Z9D. The performance is somewhere in between VA-type TVs and IPS-type TVs. The contrast ratio is fairly low, so blacks do appear gray when viewed in a completely dark room.

The TV has local dimming to mitigate this dark scene performance though, and it works well. When viewed in a bright room the TV can get exceptionally bright to overcome glare or produce bright highlights in HDR. The Z9F has low input lag and an excellent fast response time which is great for gamers.

Model tested: 65” (XBR65Z9F)
Should also be valid for the 75" (XBR75Z9F)

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Design (00:53)
Inputs (01:35)
Thermal (2:08)
Picture Quality (02:22)
Contrast (02:39)
Local Dimming (03:07)
Viewing Angle (03:52)
Reflections (04:31)
Pixels (04:54)
Peak Brightness (05:24)
Gray Uniformity (05:46)
Color Volume & Gamut (05:58)
PQ Curve (06:12)
Response Time (06:39)
Image flicker (06:49)
Input Lag (07:15)
Smart Features & Remote (07:35)
Sound (08:11)
TVs Comparison (08:24)
Conclusion (10:16)

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