Stolen Range Rover Evoque Theft Recovery Operation from Automatrics


Stolen Range Rover Evoque Theft Recovery Operation from Automatrics

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No UK Brexit day today 29th March 2019, (ignore the 2018 video narrated date that's an error) however more theft recovery operations continue to roll in for specialist theft finding company Automatrics.

We received a call from a customer hire car company reporting the theft of one of their Range Rover cars overnight through Keyless theft.

Automatrics trigger the Automatrics MTrack theft recovery tracking system into alarm to report a cell location in South London.

We send a radio direction finder team to an Industrial estate near Mitcham to try to locate the stolen Range Rover Evoque.

Police are contacted but they may not be able to release officers to secure the vehicle in time so Automatrics plan a fallback option for a snatch back operation.

The stash location is a tight squeeze one way in and one way out but can Automatrics succeed to find and snatch back the stolen Evoque .

Watch the recovery operation unfold to see what happens

Apologies for the long delay in uploading we will upload more recovery operational videos soon - currently five more in the edit room.
Very Busy Times 🚔😜

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