SUV Comparison | Nissan Kicks vs Toyota C-HR |


SUV Comparison | Nissan Kicks vs Toyota C-HR |

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The value-packed Nissan Kicks and wildly styled Toyota C-HR make a case for the front-wheel-drive-only crossover

The proliferation of crossovers has meant many things for consumers, not the least of which the creation of some head-scratchers. It’s extremely evident on the high end – so-called “coupes” like the BMW X6 and the swoopy-roofed Mercedes GLE are prime examples of this — but mainstream automakers aren’t completely off the hook.

Look, I don’t have (much of) a problem with most crossovers. I can see why they’re popular with consumers, but it’s tough to make a case for ones that don’t seem to serve up any extra capability over a conventional hatchback. Case in point, the Toyota C-HR and Nissan Kicks. Both are powered by four-cylinder engines, both have continuously variable transmissions and both have relatively small footprints. But they barely offer the raised driving position consumers seem to love in CUVs and, most egregiously, they’re both front-wheel-drive only. Seriously, what’s the point?

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