SVS Prime Wireless Speakers Review: Mostly brilliant

SVS Prime Wireless Speakers Review: Mostly brilliant

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Let’s get this out of the way upfront: SVS’ slick new pair of wireless speakers, the Prime Wireless, don’t come with a physical remote, and it’s kind of weird.

That’s especially true given the modern state of speakers. Audiophile setups meant for leather-chair listening sessions with tumbler in hand are increasingly making way for soundbars and speakers that work with your TV remote or, at the other end of things, monolithic, multiroom smart speakers. But then, SVS has always been more interested in crafting top-tier sound at mid-tier prices (and making really epic subwoofers) than keeping up with trends.

Call the Prime Wireless a concession of sorts, but on SVS’ own terms. With multiple inputs, onboard physical controls, and Play-Fi’s app-based streaming and control system, these glossy black boxes can accommodate TV sound, and even join a multiroom audio setup. But first and foremost, they’re designed for old-fashioned musical bliss — and in that role they excel.

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Our take
While SVS’ Prime Wireless may not be the ideal setup for TV or component audio, in every
other way they meet or exceed expectations, offering clear, detailed, and dynamic sound
alongside reliable streaming from a wide variety of options.

Is there a better alternative?
You’ll have to move up in price a fair bit to outdo the Prime Wireless when it comes to performance. The aforementioned LS50 Wireless handily outdo them when it comes to instrumental texture, definition, and dynamic expression in the finer moments, and they also offer much better bass response. That said, they’re also nearly four times the cost. We’ll be interested to see where KEF’s LSX wireless fit in (review coming soon), which still run nearly double the Prime Wireless at $1,100. Those looking to save a few bucks could look at Aperion’s aging but excellent Allaire Bluetooth speakers, which offer more bass but fewer options and less clarity and detail. That said, while there are plenty of impressive passive speakers around the $500 range, such as ELAC’s Uni-Fi UB5 and KEF’s Q150, there just aren’t many options in the $600 price range that can give you this kind of performance in an all in one package.

How long will it last?
The Prime Wireless have extremely solid built quality from a sterling name in the business, and with Play-Fi the speakers should grow in time with new app updates and added features, so we expect them to last a long while.

Should you buy it?
If you’re looking for a pair of wireless speakers with a small profile, gorgeous design, and music-first attitude, don’t even hesitate.



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