Tablet drawing on a 42 inch TV | Daily Challenge - Draw a Girl | Digital Painting | Abstract Art


Tablet drawing on a 42 inch TV | Daily Challenge - Draw a Girl | Digital Painting | Abstract Art

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Continuing on the theme of drawing on my new large 42 inch digital panel, I decided to try out the pencil/pen tools of Fresh Paint (FP).

One of the problems that I encountered with FP is that the latitude for drawing is small compared to other applications. I believe that this maybe due to the limitations of the 'physics engine' that tries to adhere to a strict set of guidelines. If I compare this app to the sketch, I would argue that even if it does offer the 'real-time' simulation of actual water color and oils, it still has limitations over the sketch app in adding the bandwidth required to achieve certain effects. You just need to compare my recent drawings in the FP over the 50 or more drawings that I have done in Sketch.

I am beginning to feel that the FP app is good for certain types of paintings but falls short in other areas. For example, the recent Starry Night painting that I did seemed to come out reasonably well with the effects that I was looking for. I believe painting in that impasto manner is well suited for FP. However, I do like the watercolor toolsets and feel I can extend my techniques to do some interesting creative works. I have often thought about mixing the tool sets ie. water color, oils and pencils in the same drawing. I did do one earlier but I think this will take more practice to get it working together. The best way is to focus on just watercolor, oils and pencils separately. Although, the recent drawing of a girl was based on pencil drawing followed by water color.

I look forward to the time when FP or other painting app will incorporate the knife impasto techniques to the drawings. This would complement the already existing tool sets of the FP.

The video shows in real-time, the tools and approach used to create this digital drawing on the 42 inch multi-touch TV (tablet)!

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