Tata Tiago AMT Review | Gynaecologist's Thumbs Up for the Tiago AMT | Ecardlr Customer Review


Tata Tiago AMT Review | Gynaecologist's Thumbs Up for the Tiago AMT | Ecardlr Customer Review

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A Gynaecologist is always on call, some babies are just too eager to come into the world. Tiago AMT keeps this Gynaecologist always at ease, irrespective of Mumbai’s mad traffic.

When in the market, Automatic transmission was one of her key requirements. Even though naysayers cautioned her from buying a Tata car, one test drive of the Tata Tiago AMT convinced her that it was the car for her. Not only was the Tiago AMT within her budget, but its good looks, spacious and comfortable interiors along with the fact that she could get a feature loaded Tiago within her budget, - ensured that her search for a new car stopped at the doors of Tata Motors dealership.

She did consider Hyundai i10 and i20 which unfortunately were beyond her budget, but the Renault Kwid, even being within her budget could not convince her to buy it because it just had great looks and great colours but the interiors felt cramped and uncomfortable.

18 months later she believes that Tiago AMT has been a good buy. Interior space, comfortable drive and great looks still have managed to keep her love for her new Tiago AMT intact. She did have a suspension problem, the car brakes may not be up to the mark at least under panic braking and AMT shows a lag while up-shifting, all these problems not withstanding she will still recommend this car to anyone looking for a good looking, comfortable budgeted automatic car. Tiago AMT sure seems to have cast a spell on her.

Having said all the above, there are those moments of weakness when she says that had there not been a budget constraint, Hyundai i20 would have been the car of her choice. The smile is all there is read between the lines.

To summarise, she recommends this cars to all those looking for a great economy automatic hatchback which does not compromise on space and driving experience just because of its price point.

By the way the ‘Thumbs Up’ sign for the car is pretty obvious and we at Ecardlr are thankful to all those babies who decided not to stay put during the review.

We have deliberately retained the raw original form as we believe it's the content that matters more than the pizzazz.

Happy Viewing.

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00:00 - Intro
02:23 - Mileage
02:43 - Service Cost & Schedule
03:36 - Other Cars Considered
05:40 - AMT Experience
06:45 - Ratings
08:30 - Driving Seat Comfort
09:43 - Design
12:12 - Driving Pleasure
14:07 - Front Dual Airbags
16:16 - Build Quality
17:21 - Value For Money
17:35 - Pros
18:33 - Cons

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