The 2nd NK-Philips CPAP Workshop Day - 30 June 2019


The 2nd NK-Philips CPAP Workshop Day - 30 June 2019

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📣 This is the 2nd workshop held by NK Sleepcare and Philips Respironics, on Sunday, 30 June 2019 at Philips Thailand Office, Bangkok, Thailand.

This event is open only to the NK Sleepcare's existing customers who bought Philips Respironics' CPAP devices.

In this event, the participants learned many useful things e.g. how to use and maintain their CPAP devices & masks properly, how to read the compliance report, other technical issues, troubleshooting, tricks and tips, etc.

We had invited a special speaker, Dr. Thapanee Somboon, MD, a Neurologist and Epileptologist from Prasat Neurological Institute, who came to teach us about the snoring and sleep apnea's causes, symptoms, how it effects to our daily lives and how CPAP can be a best therapy option.

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